Soul Guidance


Kate’s Soul Guidance supports you identify, understand and release anything that is creating struggle, imbalance or dis-ease in your life. Kate’s heart centred guidance is a bridge that deeply reconnects you to your intuitive, divine self.

Along our journey, we often become disconnected from the innate knowing that we are our greatest healer and the intuitive part of us that clearly and powerfully guides us along our path.

At a very young age we are taught to believe in “experts” outside of ourselves and often become a person based on our experiences and other peoples perceptions of us. We conform and in this space of contraction often “forget” that we are amazing powerful beings.

In this state of separation, we often make choices from confusion & fear which can create unnecessary struggle. This can manifest in so many ways, physical illness, emotional pain, spiritual disconnection, dysfunctional relationships, isolation, anxiety just to name a few.

During each session, Kate’s wisdom enables you to gently & powerfully open your heart and reconnects you to your true amazing intuitive self. As you connect and expand you will gain greater clarity and energy and will feel a greater level of freedom and excitement for your life.

The memory of who you truly are and the knowing that you are limitless will create the new foundation for your life – a life of emotional freedom, of powerful healing and a life where anything is possible and everything is magical. When the illusion is gone, the space is created to manifest all that you need in this lifetime. You deserve to feel this freedom, this energy and this powerful connection to your extraordinary intuitive self. Your beautiful, powerful healing journey starts today xx


SOUL GUIDANCE                                                   

Initial consult and ongoing 1 hour consult    $120

30 Minute consultations    $60


1 hour           $120                                               

30 minute      $60

15 minutes    $30

 SOUL RELATIONSHIP GUIDANCE                                                

1 hour $150





PHONE (08) 8293 8111,

MOBILE 0400 870 531