Unfortunately, particularly throughout our early years on this beautiful planet, challenging experiences, other peoples limited belief systems and outdated paradigms distort our belief of who we are and what we are capable of creating.  Our pain, fear and confusion, disconnect us from our intuition, the part of us “that knows”. Our choices then are made based on these distorted belief systems and consequently continue to create illusion and struggle. Of course we then become a modified version of our limitless amazing self.

 Individual soul guidance to supports you to;

  • Identify, understand and release anything that is creating struggle in your life.
  • Heal past pain & limitations.
  • Connect to your true divine intuitive self.
  • Remember you are infinite possibility.
  • Create freedom, joy and abundance.
  • Create an authentic, expansive life where you have the power to create all that you truly need.

Each session gently & powerfully reconnects your true amazing self.  As you connect and expand you will gain greater clarity and energy and will feel a greater level of freedom and excitement for your life. The memory of who you truly are and the knowing that you are limitless will create the new expansive, authentic foundation you deserve to create a life where anything is possible and everything is magical.


1 hour individual Soul Guidance consultation  – $120 (telephone & Skype consultations available)

Relationship Soul Guidance – $150