Motivational and Inspirational talks & Guest speaking are one of Kate’s passions.  Inspiring, motivating & educating people in both small and large groups, to remember that they are infinite possibility.

Through sharing her healing journey and the wisdom and insights gained through her extraordinary life, she is able to teach by example and support individuals to connect to their innate knowing that they are capable of creating all that they truly need in this lifetime.

Curing a disease they said couldn’t be cured, creating and running an iconic Adelaide organic and wellbeing cafe for 4 years and a few near death experiences, just to name a few, inspires Kate to share her wisdom and knowledge with as many people as possible.

Kate’s inspiring talks are all about supporting people to drop the labels, outdated belief systems and limitations which are disconnecting them from their intuitive knowing that they are powerful beyond measure. Learning to see the gift in even life’s most challenging experiences allows you to drop the victim and move beyond the cycle of pain. Embracing life’s opportunities and stepping into each moment open to everything and attached to nothing opens the doorway to a limitless life.

Kate has been facilitating Wellbeing and personal growth seminars, Talks, Holistic and seasonal cooking classes with a focus on “food as medicine”, Q & A classes and Retreats for over 20 years.

Kate’s mission is to inspire, educate and connect a global community to intuitively remember that Gratitude brings peace, Food is our most powerful medicine and Love is always the answer.