My life has been full of beautiful blessings, health challenges, surprises, inspiration, loss, grief, but most of all love.  My dad died when I was 19. I just never imagined he wouldn’t be part of my life. He was more than my dad, he was my spiritual mentor, my sporting buddy, but most of all he was my hero. His love of Aussie rules football was the reason I met John, my incredible husband and business partner. who was playing for South Adelaide, the team that dad supported.  This was one of the many things I will always be grateful to dad for.

 Amongst the deep grief I was feeling was a burning desire to live more fully, to honour him by being the most authentic, amazing version of myself that I could be. Life was so full of mixed emotions for the next few years. I struggled deeply with not having dad here in the physical but also experienced the elation of marrying my soulmate, my love, the man that continues this incredible journey with me to this day – John. We have three beautiful children – all young adults now. They inspire me every day with their passion for life  and their love for humanity. 

 For as long as I can remember I have been able to see past the physical and connect to the heart and wisdom of each person.  For many years I thought this was what everyone experienced. For around 20 years I have used this gift to guide people through their journey, assisting them to connect to the truth of who they are. I have also facilitated many seminars and retreats all based around connection and self love – something I deeply love doing.

I was faced with a series of serious illnesses starting in my early 30’s.  Initially I was miss- diagnosed and ended up 24 hours away from septicaemia. Massive amounts of antibiotics destroyed my gut and compromised my immune. A series of illnesses followed culminating with being diagnosed with a serious autoimmune when I was in my late 30’s. I was told that the best case scenario was a wheelchair, worst case “well we won’t talk about that” was their response. After dealing with the shock, I set about healing naturally. If my body knew how to get sick then it knew how to heal and heal it did.

It was a long journey, one I will share with you along the way, but today I have no autoimmune markers in my blood and life is pretty spectacular. After this part of my journey,  I had a renewed passion for sharing my experiences and teaching people the things I had done to heal. A series of wellbeing seminars followed and then an opportunity presented that took us on another adventure.

The next four and a half years were spent creating and running a 7 day a week iconic organic cafe and small wellbeing market in Adelaide.  It seemed to be the perfect platform to educate and inspire people for their healing journeys.  My belief that “food and love are our greatest medicine” could be offered every day, and that filled me with excitement and gratitude.  What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming response we got from people who became part of this amazing community.

Love filled organic, local, seasonal food, cold pressed organic juices & smoothies, sublime coffee and teas and most of all the love, care and friendship we offered was received with open arms and open hearts.  The cafe was a haven for so many, it was like a giant family and the space was an extension of our home. The relationships created, not just with our customers, but with everyone, the growers and producers, the wholesalers, delivery people, were truly beautiful.

 It was an inspiring but also exhausting time. I learnt so much – the power of community – the power of food – the power of love but most of all, I learnt so much about myself. Just prior to selling the cafe in March of this year, I was rushed to hospital with what we now know was a virus in my heart muscles. 1.3 litres of fluid had built up around my heart and I was literally a heartbeat away from not being here. This is a story that I will share in detail at a later time, but needless to say I got through it and had an experience that connected me deeply to the knowing that “there is only love”.

So here I am birthing this beautiful space of “Love, Food and Gratitude”. All that I offer here is a culmination of my life learnings and a sharing of my spiritual knowing. My mission is simple – To connect a global community to intuitively remember that Gratitude brings peace, Food is our greatest medicine and Love is always the answer.

Sending you love and gratitude always x



My healing journey has been full of twists and turns. I have experienced every emotion possible – I’ve been inspired – hit brick walls – expanded beyond my comfort zone – lived consciously in a place of learning – always in the house of healing – experienced setbacks – taken thousands of deep breaths – found an inner strength I never knew I had – felt invincible – felt vulnerable – needed isolation – embraced community – followed protocols – then nothing at all – I visited deaths door, came back and visited twice more and then finally came to this realisation.

Life is a journey and part of my journey has been illness. I stopped being defined by it – stopped fighting it, embraced it and started loving it.

I realised health is more than just an absence of disease – it is a presence of love, vitality and joy. I stopped feeling disappointed and frustrated and simply shifted into gratitude for this illness was my greatest teacher.

Everything I had experienced – everyone I had met – the successes – the setbacks, had all been important parts of this incredible journey. When I dropped the “inner victim” it become crystal clear to me that struggle truly does end when gratitude begins.  Everything from that moment flowed with greater ease and synchronicity and my body powerfully responded. I felt like I had won the lottery.

For as long as I can remember I have always known “food is medicine”, however when I combined it with deep gratitude and love it became powerful beyond measure. I suddenly felt free. I remembered, “I have the power”. I connected to the divine part of myself “that knows” and trusted my intuitive self. I truly started listening to my body and remembered it had the power to heal and that the most important thing I needed to do was love and respect it.

My healing journey continues, the truth is it always will. I have healed so much, I have learnt so much, I feel so deeply and love so freely – my healing journey excites me and has called me to share my experience, wisdom and love  – to create this beautiful space of education, honesty and inspiration – LOVE FOOD & GRATITUDE. x