There are so many eating protocols out there it can make your head spin. One day something is the new “Wonder Superfood” then the next it is the worst thing you can put into your beautiful body. So here’s the thing, all unprocessed food from nature is “Super”

Throughout much of my healing journey I searched for advice from outside of myself. When you are dealing with a serious illness and have literally no energy left,  you look to people who you perceive may have the answers, that magic ingredient, that pearl of wisdom, that protocol to follow, anything that that will heal you.

One person would suggest one thing, then in the next moment someone would suggest another that completely contradicted the original advice.  

Then there was google, wellbeing bloggers, online “experts” and in no time at all I was completely confused and second guessing myself just about all of the time. I was vulnerable because I had been seriously ill for so long and so desperately wanted to heal.  I tried everything – you name the protocol and I had probably tried it.

You see here’s the thing. There are loads of people out there that can love, inspire and support you along your journey, but there is no one that knows your body like you do.

We are taught from a really young age that we should defer to authority rather than go inside and connect to our divine, intuitive knowing, our sixth sense. If that sounds too airy fairy for you then let me put it this way, that “gut feeling”, that feeling that just won’t go away – that uncomfortable feeling that you get when you go along with someone else’s choice when you know you shouldn’t.

You know how the story often goes when we choose not to follow our “intuitive knowing” It normally starts with confusion, continues with trepidation, is overlaid with resentment and ends with a life lesson that tries to encourage you to listen to your intuition next time.

We often interpret this lesson as being unfair, a punishment, hell you may even blame the person who you followed for the struggle. The reality is that true grace only exists when we believe in ourself, trust our own authority, love ourself enough to take the time to learn how to connect to our wisdom and intuition and then make powerful choices from this space of knowing. 

So how does this all relate to being “afraid of your food”?

If I asked you which foods are good and which foods are bad for your body what would your answer be?

How free do you feel when you eat?

Do you feel guilty when you eat, especially food that you perceive “isn’t good for you” ?

Are you worried the food you are eating could, make you fat, make you sick or be judged by others? Are you afraid of stepping outside of the protocol you are following?

I certainly understand if you do feel some or maybe all of the above. Somewhere along the line food has become the enemy. No fats, no sugar, no gluten, no animal products, no dairy, no grains, no legumes, ferment everything, butter in your coffee, don’t drink coffee just to name a few.

I am not suggesting that we should ignore science altogether nor am I saying you shouldn’t get advice and guidance, however, what I am saying is that “Food is NOT the enemy” We are told that information is power, however, in my opinion, information without intuition is simply influence. By all means listen to others, however, take what resonates and disregard the rest.

I have recently sold a an organic cafe that my family and myself ran for four and a half years. Over and over again I had people coming in totally confused about what they should and shouldn’t eat.

I will never forget one beautiful lady who was standing at the fridge in tears. I asked her what was wrong and this was her reply. “I went to practitioner a couple of weeks ago and she said I needed to follow a raw diet to get well. I have just seen her again today and now she said that actually I should eat only cooked foods.”

She was standing in front of the fridge that had all our fermented krauts and fermented foods that we sold. “I need to eat fermented foods for my gut and I don’t know if they are cooked or raw” she said. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and the immense stress she was feeling was palpable. “And I ate a burger last night and I feel so guilty” By this stage I was hugging her as she cried uncontrollably.

 So what was harming her more, the foods she ate or the stress and confusion she was feeling?

This was my advice to her, and now I will share it with you.

I made a decision along my healing journey to let go of all the things I had learnt that were causing limitation and fear. I decided to forget about being a protocol and remembered I was a divine human being. As intricate as the human body is, its needs are simple.

It needs to be nourished, be rested, to move, to be hydrated, to be oxygenated but most of all it needs to be loved. Take a breath, and ask yourself, how can I create grace in my life? What do I need to do to stay connected, to stay joyful, to be grateful and to heal?  Stress, fear and confusion are the last things your body needs.

You see all of these negative emotions cause inflammation in your beautiful body. They congest you, stop the flow, inhibit your bodies ability to heal and make you downright miserable.

So what do I eat? Whatever I am intuitively drawn to. I do not follow a protocol. I choose to source food that has been ethically and sustainable grown and produced whenever I can. I eat mostly unprocessed, local, seasonal, organic food, but will not freak out if this is not possible.

 I refuse to feel guilty about what I eat. If I notice I am feeling a negative emotion, I take a breathe and say to myself, “I am grateful for this food and I eat it with freedom and joy”

I will not be bullied by other peoples dogmatic opinions of what is right and wrong.

I eat a rainbow of foods and I shop at the farmers market each week where I buy local, seasonal and vital produce.

I eat a lot of plant based food because my body loves it, however, when it is calling for some fish or chicken or whatever,  I honour it by buying the freshest, organic, free range, sustainably grown that I can find.

No limitations, no preconceived ideas about what is right or wrong. Nature has it covered so as long as I eat food from her world and not highly processed “food like products” my body will love me. Feel the freedom of overriding your minds limitations and allowing your intuition and body to guide you.

Now for the most important part.

When beautiful food is prepared and eaten with the intention of love and gratitude it becomes powerful beyond measure. When that food is shared with people we love then the joy of that experience makes it even more powerful.

Relax, trust yourself. Food is not the enemy our perception of it is. Eat with freedom, eat with joy, take your time, eat with gratitude and eat with the knowing that as you eat from this space of bliss your beautiful body is healing.

When people ask me what I eat, my answer is  “real food”. I am not a “food protocol” I am human. One size does not fit all. Let your intuition guide you and watch the magic begin.

Sending you love always

Kate xxx


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