Welcome to our new site!

So happy you have found us.

This beautiful, positive site “Love, Food and Gratitude”  has been created to build and support a heart centred global community.

It is a place where I will share my wisdom, my journey and my insight with simplicity, heart and honesty. A place where everything I share is raw and real, no illusion, just truth and love.

A place where you are valued and empowered to step into your incredible true extraordinary self. A  place to be inspired and encouraged, a place to assist bring clarity to the confusion, a place where you have a voice, where everyone is equal and everyone is welcome.

I am not a doctor or a naturopath. I am not diagnosing or prescribing anything. Everything I share here is the culmination of my personal journey, the wisdom gained by healing an autoimmune disease they said couldn’t be healed. and healing life wounds and fears that kept me small.

I will Share my experiences so that you can take what resonates with you to support your individual journey. I will be your personal cheer squad. I will believe in you when you cannot believe in yourself.

This site is certainly not complete – this is just the beginning. As each day unfolds so will the pages you see here.

So many classes to come, opportunities to work with me, experiences to share and inspiration to offer.

No matter how stacked against us the odds may seem, I believe this planet and all that live here can become a place of community, peace and love. We cannot often change the things outside of us, however, we can change our inner world and the choices we make.

If we choose love and kindness and commit to, as the great Gandhi quoted and the beautiful Dr. Wayne Dyer reminded us constantly of  “Be the change you wish to see in the world” then together we can create wonderful lives, loving communities and a peaceful world.

These three simple words, Love, Food & Gratitude, are the foundation of my healing journey and the principals that I live by. My mission is to deeply connect you to your innate knowing that Gratitude brings peace, Food is our greatest medicine and Love is always the answer.

Sending you love always

Kate xxx





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