Market Magic

My passion for seasonal, local, organic produce started when I was a little girl, as weekly trips to the central market in Adelaide were a tradition for my family. Hessian bags filled to the brim with fresh fruits, vegetables, all from local producers, played an integral part in creating the philosophy I follow today. Friday was market day and it was always my favourite day of the week. My dad worked in the city so he would drop two big hessian bags off to the girls at McMahons, one of the many stalls in the central market, with a long list of fruit and veggies that they lovingly filled for him each week. Then mum would load my two sisters and I into the car and it was off to the market to meet dad. The hessian sacks were always magically filled to the brim when we got there, so then it was off to get fish from the local fishmonger. Big bags of crayfish spiders, fresh prawns and fish.  There was always a sweet treat to finish too – either lolly fish or caramels. Then off home we would go filled with happiness and with the freshest produce in town.  Magical memories were created.  Whether it was shelling fresh peas (most of which never made it to the fridge), helping mum to fill the fruit bowl, or watching dad peel a giant sack of small sweet onions for pickling – those sweet memories of the connection with family & food throughout those early years still fills my heart today.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but this was the foundation for my passion for eating with the seasons. I can remember the excitement when the first peaches where in those big hessian sacks or when mum was cutting the first of the juicy watermelon of the season. It was the same in winter. The smell of hearty soups and stews as we arrived home from school and the sweet oranges that were in abundance. Every Friday was a beautiful food adventure and one I will treasure forever.  Every class that I offer now was built on that early foundation and follows the principal of eating and creating food using produce from local growers, eating with the seasons and using food that is grown organically.  Knowing the story of where your food comes from and how it was grown, together with the intention you hold whilst creating beautiful food, all play important parts in your cooking journey. When food is created and cooked with the spirit of love, freedom and gratitude it becomes powerful beyond measure. The simple act of cooking and sharing food with this intention, deeply connects us and brings people together – creating the community we all need.

I used to take my children to the Central market, however, these days it is the local farmers market up the road I primarily go to and guess what, my children who are now all young adults love the market too and have their own love affair with beautiful food.  So the tradition continues, as does the deep gratitude we all feel for the growers and producers of this amazing, vital food. In my eyes these people are true heroes. It is my “farmacy” as this produce has played a huge part in my healing journey and helped me remember that food is our greatest medicine.

This is just a small part of my story. It may seem quite simple, however, the power of these simple rituals has been one of the greatest gifts for me and played an integral part in how I live and what I offer today.  I encourage you to take a moment and think about what you could do to create magical memories for you and the people you love.  Maybe a trip to your local farmers market this weekend, teaching someone you love your favourite recipe or simply creating a beautiful meal and sharing it with someone special.

Sending you love always – Kate xx


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